Music Production
From the idea of the aesthetic line to the final result, going through all the intermediate processes: arrangements, recording, additional programming, etc. in any style. 
Mixing of multitrack projects to stereo with the highest quality with the best digital tools available today. We have a wealth of experience working on different styles, you just need to send your tracks and we will take care of the rest. 
Mastering is the final process, very important to ensure that your music is heard at its best in any format and platform, achieving the highest standards. We are officially approved mastering engineers for Apple HD platform. 
Audio Restoration
Revitalization of old or deteriorated recordings, fixing noise and fluctuation problems, re-equalizing if necessary to bring them closer to current standards. 

We use the most advanced digital technology available today and, by taking advantage of the ease of worldwide connectivity, we carry out production, mixing and mastering work for artists from all over the world of any style at the highest technical and artistic level, with a great sound quality but at a very affordable price. Whatever your budget is, please contact us and we will find together a tailor-made solution for you.

Full warranty

We offer remote mixing and mastering services with a total satisfaction guarantee and unlimited revisions until the client is 100% satisfied with the result.

Alfonso Almiñana

Sound engineer, guitarist and producer with a long professional career in the studio recording, producing, mixing and mastering for both national and foreign artists of all styles, from the Latin jazz of the Colombian Samuel Torres, the samba-jazz of Hamleto Stamato or the vintage jazz of the Pasadena Roof Orchestra to the fusion of the Venezuelan Yrvis Méndez or the North American Meg Okura, going through the folk of the Valencian Mara Aranda, the medieval music of the Al Andalus Project, the African music of Nakany Kanté or AfrikeMet, the world music of the Mexican Lila Downs or the personal projects of the Brazilians Caio Caboclo, Projeto Nó or Vanessa Borhagian, among many others over more than 30 years.


A long trajectory also in mixing live concerts, having toured in more than 15 countries with artists such as Enrique Morente, Lila Downs, Concha Buika, Habana Blues or L´Ham de Foc and doing concerts with great artists from all over the world such as Paul Winter, Alan Holdsworth, Jeff Berlin or Alan Pasqua among others... and well known local artist like Juan Perro or Martirio.


Meg Okura
Samuel Torres
Hamleto Stamato
Yrvis Méndez
Vanessa Borhagian
Samuel Torres
Al Andalus Project
Lila Downs
Lara Bello
Lila Downs
Pasadena Roof Orchestra
Mara Aranda
Susana Travassos
Évélina Simon
David Tavares
Projeto Nó
Aniel Someillan


Samuel Torres - Angá

Lila Downs Y La Misteriosa (Live in Paris)

Big Band Uninorte Barranquilla - Eurocaribe 2020

Nilamayé - Teaser

Slavo Rican Assembly - Što te nema

Alba Santos - Improvisación




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